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Here are some books I've written, or contributed to.

Please buy them, and even read them, but mainly buy them.

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Published on 16th June 2022

In this collection of one hundred short essays I navigate James Joyce’s astonishing cultural legacy in the century since the publication of Ulysses in 1922. 

‘Frequently bloody hilarious […] I cannot recommend this delightful, unusual work highly enough. Bravissimo.’                                (Anne Cunningham, Meath Chronicle)

'Multiple Joyce has shot to the top of my favourite Joycean books […] absorbing, upfront, funny, erudite, and charming.’     (Nuala O’Connor, Books, Ireland)

This year being the centenary of the publication of Ulysses, there has been a flurry of new books and republications […] But to my mind David Collard’s Multiple Joyce is the most joyful and the most Joycean […] There is a real pleasure in reading a book about Joyce that actually makes you laugh.                   

                                  (Stuart Kelly, The Spectator)

‘How heartening is Collard’s confident and spirited love of literature—of reading, of books!’ 
                                  (Barry Spurr, Quadrant)

‘What more could you possibly want to read on June 16th, Bloomsday, apart from the novel itself?’  

                                   (Richard Clegg, Bookmunch)

Multiple Joyce is a tour de force of curiosity.’

                                   (Melissa McCarthy, author)

‘… brilliantly idiosyncratic and richly digressive…’         

                                    (Jonathan Gibbs, author)

‘… it fizzes and astonishes at every turn…’

                                    (John Mitchinson, publisher)

Watch a five star review by American blogger Chris Via:

About a Girl: a Reader's Guide to            Eimear McBride's A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing

Written with the co-operation of Eimear McBride, About a Girl is a comprehensive account of an unprecedented literary phenomenon that enlarges our understanding of both McBride’s novel and the contemporary literary scene.

'Lucid prose. Never overblown. A rare balance of bio/lit crit/lit market thoughts. A gem.'  -  Alice Lyons, author of Oona


Buy from the publisher:

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We'll Never Have Paris

Edited by Andrew Gallix, this collection brings together many of the most talented and adventurous writers from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and New Zealand to explore this theme through short stories, essays and poetry, in order to build up a captivating portrait of Paris as viewed by English speakers today.

We’ll Never Have Paris has contributions from seventy-nine authors, including Tom McCarthy, Will Self, Brian Dillon, Joanna Walsh, Eley Williams, Max Porter, Sophie Mackintosh, Lauren Elkin. And myself.

Love Bites

I contribute to this anthology of writing inspired by Pete Shelley and Buzzcocks, edited by Andrew Gallix, Tomoe Hill and C.D. Rose, and featuring:

Emma Bolland, Victoria Briggs, Tobias Carroll, Shane Jesse Christmass, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Lara Alonso Corona, Cathleen Davies, Jeremy Dixon, Sharron Duggal, Wendy Erskine, Gerard Evans, Javi Fedrick, Mark Fiddes, Andrew Gallix, Meave Haughey, Tomoé Hill, Richard V. Hirst, David Holzer, Andrew Hook, Tom Jenks, Jonathan Kemp, Luke Kennard, Mark Leahy, Neil Nixon, Russell Persson, Hette Phillips, Julie Reverb, C.D. Rose, Lee Rourke, Germán Sierra, Beach Sloth, NJ Stallard and Rob Walton.

Buy from the publisher:

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