The Glue Factory

A third and final series of fifty live online gatherings running from January to December 2022.  After which the plug will be pulled.                                        THIS SECTION IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!

1. Sunday 2 January

‘Making everyone feel lovely’: Kevin Boniface’s Shadows and Reflections

Toby Litt on ‘A Writer’s Diary’

Picassos äventyr (1978) with Bernard Cribbins as Gertrude Stein

2021 highlights with Lynn Buckle and Martin Conneely

Laura Hopkins on Edmund de Waal and Andrew Lord

2. Sunday 9 January


Marie-Elsa Bragg on theology

2021 cultural highlights with Martin Kevin Davey and Jackie Lynam

Barbellion Prize short list announced

On The Colour of Pomegranates (1969) dir. Sergei Parajanov

Litterature with DC: Along Heroic Lines by Christopher Ricks (OUP), thoughts on reading
the facsimile Ulysses and a Kirsten Mosher giveaway


A tribute to Uschi Gatward with Sam Jordison, Eloise Millar, Lara Pawson

and Nicholas Royle



3. Sunday 16 January


On Ronnie Spector

Melissa McCarthy on the Morgan Report

Drew Gummerson: YOU - from pissed to publication (TBC)

DC on David Gascoyne with readings. by Marie-Elsa Bragg

4. Sunday 23 January


Melissa McCarthy and Kirsteen Knight on the Daniel Morgan Panel Report - part 2

Barbellion Prize short list authors with Jake Goldsmith

Aea reads Cnstantin Cavafy

DC on Gregory Markoupolos


5. Sunday 30 January: Joycentenary


Celebrating the centenary of the publication Ulysses


John McCormack performs Love’s Old Sweet Song

Οδυσσέας του Τζέιμς Τζόις read by Aea Varfis van-Warmelo

Rónán Hession reads the opening of Ulysses

Six short films by Glenn Johnston
Dr Clare Hutton on ‘Women and the making of Ulysses’

Peter Chrisp and Lisa Wolfe: ‘a bar of lemon-scented soap’

Philip Maltman on ’Nulysses’

Guillermo Stitch reads from ‘A Bash in the Tunnel’ by Flann O’Brien

Finn Fordham, Clare Hutton and Peter Chrisp discuss Joyce’s legacy

Henningham Family Press presents Dedalus, the sequel to Ulysses by Chris McCabe

Rónán Hession and Guillermo Stitch read from ‘Lestrygonians’

Aea reads the last lines of Ulysses

6. Sunday 6 February


James Goodman: Stone Mountain Fairy Shrimp

 Graham Guest on Henry’s Chapel (Sagging Meniscus Press)

Melissa McCarthy: ‘Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln’

Wet Leg perform ‘Oh No’

A second reading by James Goodman

Polemic: Jonathan Pie on Johnson and Partygate

7. Sunday 13 February


Jake Goldsmith and this year's Barbellion prize winner Lynn Buckle

Film: Spirit Of the Dead

Devikka Ponnambalam I Am Not Your Eve

Valentine’s Day readings


8. Sunday 20 February


Vlatka Horvat in conversation with Tim Etchells

D J Taylor on Stewkey Blues

Vik Shirley (Surreal-Absurd, Mercurius) with Ben Pester, Luke Kennard and other guests


9. Sunday 27 February


Emily Herring on Henri Bergson.

Sophie Scott on the neuroscience of laughter

DC on Seamus Heaney, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and J C Squire

10. Sunday 6 March


Astra Papachristodoulou (Guillemot poet)

Harry Parker on Hybrid Humans 

Melissa McCarthy roving reporter (confirmed)

Exacting Clam issue 4 launch readings with Christian TaBaldo

Saline Drip: Salt benefit preview with Venetia Welby

11. Sunday 13 March


Julian Stannard readings

Leonie Rushforth Deltas (Prototype Publishing)

Paolo Albani/Paolo Pergola

DC on ivory towers

12. Sunday 20 March

Jonathan Gibbs on A Personal Anthology

Dr Andrew Lees on Brainspotting: Adventures in Neurology and his memoir
Mentored By A Madman: The William Burroughs Experiment, in conversation with David Holzer

 W H Auden’s Refugee Blues


14. Sunday 3 April


Sara Baume on Seven Steeples.

Héloïse Press, a new indie house specialising in ‘intimate female narratives

written by women from across the globe’. Their first release is an Italian debut,

Thirsty Sea by Erica Mou. Publisher, translator Clarissa Botsford and the author in


P J Blumenthal reads eight poems

Isobel Wohl: work in progress

Melissa McCarthy, roving reporter


15. Sunday 10 April

Part 1

US publication of Auden’s poems in 2 volumes on April 12th 

Susanna Crossman The Orange Notebooks 

Elena Addomine on OPLIPO


Part 2

curated by Amy McCauley with guests

Nicky Arscott, Alan Fielden and Rhys Trimble                                                                                                               




16. Sunday 17 April 


C D Rose curates with guests

Tom Clayton 

Aaron Kent 

Vik Shirley

Fionn Petch


17. Sunday 24 April


On Shakespeare’s sonnets

Penny McCarthy on the 'other characters' in the sonnets 

with readings by Michael Hughes and Aea Varfis-van Warmelo

Laura Hopkins on designing Shakespeare productions

DC on the history of (bad) Shakespearean acting. 15m



18. Sunday 1 May


Waiting for the Gift: Stories Inspired by Low edited by Richard V. Hirst


Low, David Bowie’s 1977 album, stands as both his creative apex and an album which pushed popular music to its the outer limits.

The eleven short stories in Waiting for the Gift, each of which takes a song on the album as its title and inspiration, provide a collective response from some of the best contemporary writers of fiction.

Featuring original work from Dima Alzayat, Anne Billson, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Jen Calleja, Ruby Cowling, Wendy Erskine, Keeley Forsyth, David Hayden, Zoë McLean, Adam Marek, Preti Taneja, Melissa Wan and Hugo Wilcken.


19. Sunday 8 May


Featured author: Andrew Jamieson: MIDLIFE: Humanity’s Secret Weapon 

Poet Astrid Alben on Little Dead Rabbit

Melissa McCarthy on graffiti

Peter Chrisp on Finnegans Wake

DC on Mary Ellen Bute 


20. Sunday 15 May


Weatherglass Books author Jonathan Page

Republic of Consciousness prizewinner HAPPY STORIES, MOSTLY  TRANSLATED BY TIFFANY TSA0

DC on Stan Barstow's A Kind of Loving


21. Sunday 22 May

Richard Skinner on Michel Butor with the translator Mathilde Merouani and Catherine Annabel (a PhD student from Sheffield University who is writing about Butor and Sebald.

Butor on Rimbaud (film clip)

Readings from Illuminations in French and English

Octopus film

Aea reads ‘Masculine’ by Mathilde Merouani   

Saxophone film



22. Sunday 29 May


Part 1

On Nigel Balchin: Derek Collett and Luke Seaber 

Part 2

 Vik Shirley curates the second half with guests

 Cassandra Atherton, Tom Jenks and Ian Seed 


23. Sunday 5 June.


   Your bard!

Alexander Waugh on a question of attribution

Penny McCarthy on ante-dating Shakespeare

Readings by Michael Hughes, Sam Skoog and David Collard. 

Two poems by Nuzhat Bukhari

Melissa McCarthy roving reporter on amplifiers and sharks


24. Sunday 12 June 


Part 1

 Stu Hennigan GHOST SIGNS: Poverty and the Pandemic

 Verbatim writing feature with Caroline Clarke and Osebol author Marit Kapla


Part 2

'Let joys be uncoffined': launch of Multiple Joyce


Aea reads Ulysses in Greek     

DC reads from Multiple Joyce  

Michael Hughes reads ‘Crayoning achievement’

Nuala O’Connor and Ronan Hession 

Finnegan’s Wake (song)


25. Sunday 19 June (Father’s Day)

Philip Terry     Ice Age poetry from Lascaux.

Yuri Felsen's Deceit (Prototype) with translator Bryan Karetnyk

Elizabeth Chakrabarty Lessons on Love and Other Crimes

Melissa McCarthy, roving reporter

26. Sunday 26 June


Aea Varfis-van Warmelo  reads her poetry

Multiple Joyce: the London launch 

Music (Trio Mandili) 

David Hayden: ‘Good Pizza’ read by Stephanie Ellyne

27. Sunday 3 July  
David Hayden reads 'Good Pizza'
Tony White on Piece of Paper Press 
        London Consequences?

28. Sunday 10 July BILKO NITE


Dedicated to the great Phil Silvers and all those who worked with him on the show, this

programme features Tracey Silvers (Phil’s daughter) in conversation,
Gilbert Adair on The Phil Silvers Show, a screening of what many consider the best episode
and an exclusive after-hours tour of the astonishing Phil Silvers Museum in Coventry with the

founder Steve Everitt.

29. Sunday 17 July

Part 1

Neither Weak Nor Obtuse - a conversation with author Jake Goldmsith
with readings by Riva Lehrer and Lynn Buckle

Part 2

Ali Millar on her memoir The Last Days 

Jason Wynne, activist


30. Sunday 24 July 

   Religious Poetry Vahni C? Jack Clemo?
   Abigail Parry?


Indie publisher showcase

DC on ‘perfect specifics’ and the genius of MATT

New episode of 
with artist, writer and 'vampire of Soho' 
Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, his heroes include Grace Jones, Prince and jazz legend Count Basie - two of whom he had the pleasure of meeting!

Auden Complete UK publication 26th July screening of RUNNER (25m) Erfurt Latrine Disaster 26th July 1134


31. Sunday 31 July

Broadcaster and historian Tim Dunn on Heritage Railways
DC on LTC Rolt

Iarnród Éireann  read by  Simon Barraclough

Sasha Dugdale on her railwayman father

Trolley pushers in Manilla

32. Sunday 7 August

Philip Larkin centenary

Alan Bennett reads ‘The Whitsun Weddings’
Penny McCarthy on ‘High Windows’
Lara Pawson on Larkin 

Martin Amis on his godfather

Larkin poems read by poets  Abigail Parry,  Amy McCauley and Michael Hughes     
Roy Watkins on his friendship with Larkin in Hull + readings

33. Sunday 14 August

Amy McCauley curates ‘Field Days’ with guests Nuzhat Bukhari, Sarah Crewe,
Emma Devlin, Aea Varies-van Warmelo and Jemima Yong

34. Sunday 21 August

 Flash Fiction with Michael Loveday and guests Jude Higgins, Dave Swann,

Karen Jones and Sudha Balagopal with Susanna Crossman and Toby Litt

35. Sunday 28 August

Poet Jay Gao on his debut collection Imperium

Forensic graphologist Emma Bache on MP’s signatures

 Melissa McCarthy, roving reporter

 Launching London Consequences 2 

36. Sunday 4 September


P J Blumenthal's  'Program Music for a Coming War'

 performed by the author with (in order of appearance)
Dan O’Brien, Michael Hughes, Aea Varfis-van Warmelo, Rufo Quintavalle, Sam Skoog                              
Jacob Smullyan, Melissa McCarthy, Stephanie Ellyne and David Collard  


Exacting Clam issue 6 (Autumn 2022) highlights: Julian Stannard, Kurt Lucas and others

P J Blumentahl reads ‘Ossuary’ by Aea Varfis-van Warmelo


37. Sunday 11 September

    Jon Stone curates a Sidekick showcase 

    Sunday 17 September HMQ RIP


38. Sunday 18 September

John Clegg on ‘Aliquot’
Pascal O’Loughlin’s new novel The Goddess Lens
Caroline Clark’s Own Sweet Time
Charles Boyle's 99 Interruptions
Linda Mannheim on Wendy Erskine’s ‘Nostalgie’

Joanna Walsh on Jean-Luc Godard